Logo design for a comic-project.

The Eksploraz are a bunch of nerdy explorers from an undefined future or even an alternative universe – who knows. On their adventurous research trips into the depths of the galaxy, they put great effort into working according to strictly scientific criteria in order to enrich humanity with new knowledge. However, this claim is often opposed by adverse circumstances, their own ambition and a bit of madness.

The logo should be reminiscent of space travel and science, which is why I opted for a geometrically constructed font like the lettering of the NASA "worm logo".

The integrated figurative mark can also stand alone and can be found as an emblem on the Eksploraz' spacesuits. The stylized rocket in a circle is well known as an icon and an almost stereotypical symbol for space travel or departure or spirit of optimism or "start" or .... In its naive simplification, the rocket also points to the irony with which the Eksploraz deal with the genre of science-fiction.


Design Process
I first tried to design the logo with available fonts.​​​​​​​

In two of the fonts I found features that I liked in detail, but the overall appearance did not yet meet my expectations. For this reason, I ultimately constructed the letters of the word mark myself (below).

Responsive variants of the Logo (below).

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